Jorge B. Perez


Veil of the Profane

Mourning Bird: Preparation for First Flight (Nov. 2014 – Jan. 2015)

Eye for an Eye (2014)

Azriel: The Angel of Death (2014) Residing in the Third Heaven. His whole body consists of eyes and tongues, the number of which corresponds to the number of people inhabiting the Earth. He will be the last to die, recording and erasing constantly in a large book the names of men at birth and death, respectively.

The Zohar, presents a positive depiction of Azriel. It says that Azriel receives the prayers of faithful people when they reach heaven, and also commands legions of heavenly angels. Accordingly, Azriel is associated with the South and is considered to be a high-ranking commander of God’s angels.

Blooming: A personal renaissance (2015)

Vatican (2013)

Death Merchant (2014)

My Pope (2014)

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